North Section (1/2) - Dec 30, 2022

I surveyed the North Section with Ben and Liza. I collected data for the first half and Liza has the data for the second half of the survey. Apologies, I forgot a ruler, but we used a quarter for measuring/scale (diameter 24.3 mm/0.95 inch).

We were there Friday 10am-230pm. It was drizzling and 56F.

Newts: There were no live newts. I documented 92 total dead newts (82 adults, 10 juveniles). It was a mix of freshly-killed and days-old newts on the road. Will need Liza's count for the day's grand totals.

Other roadkill: I also documented 1 dead Santa Cruz black salamander, 3 frogs, 2 snails, 1 Button's banana slug, 1 earthworm, and 13 unknown.

Traffic: 96 moving cars, 12 parked cars, 14 cyclists, 9 pedestrians. Several people stopped to ask us how the newts were doing, and we talked with each of them.

My observations of the day:

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