Reception for The Odonata of Tarrant County

Hello everybody. This week on Thursday November 3rd from 7-9pm I'm having the reception for The Odonata of Tarrant County educational/informative display I recently put up at Root's Coffeehouse in North Richland Hills, Texas.

If you live nearby or are in the area please feel free to stop by. In addition to the display (which will probably be up thru December), I am going to have some dragonfly work from Asia as well as some of my other photography. I'm also bringing some specimens from my personal insect collection to represent some of the different families, genera and aquatic and terrestrial life stages of dragonflies, for those who may have not seen them up close before.

For those who don't live in North Texas you can see images from the display here (one or two of the crops are a little off in the slideshow but you can get the idea).

Thanks for your support, hope to see some of you there!


Posted on November 01, 2016 04:36 PM by briangooding briangooding


Brian, It looks like the presentation will be great. I wish I could visit, however I have some Junior master naturalists that I am presenting Odonates to the same evening here in Williamson Co.

Good Luck with the display!


Posted by mikef451 over 7 years ago

It's a shame I live so far away, as I would love to attend the exhibition/reception. I hope the event goes well, with plenty of interest among the guests!

Posted by whaichi over 7 years ago

Brian have fun with the exhibition. I wish I could come and see it.

Posted by scottbuckel over 7 years ago

@mikef451 Thanks Mike! Have fun with the Junior Master Naturalists, that should be fun.

@whaichi Thank you Paul...I'd really like to get back to Asia for a while again so maybe my next display will at least be a little closer. ;)

@scottbuckel Thanks Scott, I think I'm probably going to do something like this in San Antonio soon for a friend's place...maybe once I get it worked out we could find somewhere nearby and organize a mini bioblitz for a pre or after-party.

Posted by briangooding over 7 years ago

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