October 28-29, Devils River at Dolan Falls trip

During a Karst Hydrogeology and Geomorphology class field trip, we also made lots of biological observations, especially at night with a moth light. The observations related to with this post are mostly moths, and the number of moths and other critters attracted to the light each night was simply amazing!

If you would like to see these observations, you can search my observations for the dates October 28 and 29.

I'll also create a post that is associated with the moths that I could not figure out IDs for using the Moth Photographers Group and Bugguide websites. Some of these are real stumpers for me, even though they look like they should be easy!

I was privileged to have Alan Cressler join us, and he took a number of amazing photographs of critters during our night walks, as well as landscape photos. Those can be found here:


As always, it is an amazing experience to stay at the Devils River, and I sincerely thank The Nature Conservancy for allowing me to return to this area with my classes to learn about water in a karst desert environment.

Dolan Falls Preserve is owned by The Nature Conservancy and is not open to the public. Access is through special permission only. The preserve is adjacent to Devil's River State Natural Area, which is open to the public on a restricted schedule.

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