Observations at the Llano River Field Station, 22-24 March, 2024.

The following observations were made during a trip to the Texas Tech University Center at Junction and the Llano River Field Station in Junction Texas. Observations were made in terrestrial and aquatic systems by Dr. Scott Longing; the latter consisting of paddling from the South Llano River State Park to the Llano River Field Station.
• Hundreds of red admiral adults (Vanessa atalanta) feeding on false willow sap (Baccharis angustifolia) all along the paddled river segment. This apparent host plant primarily occurred at the river margins, sometimes in false willow stands below steep cut banks.
• Winecup hosting Anthophorula cf. compactula
• Globe Mallow - Diadasia diminuta
• Anthophora sp. and white/yellow stemless primrose (bee collected from blue vein trap, proximal primrose observed and collected. Implications for detection/nondetection at surveyed flowers)
• Blue curls (Phacelia congesta) and Halictus sp. at Native America Seed (lots of Lasioglossum sp. on Phacelia congesta at Native American Seed.
• Halictus on yellow star at Native American Seed
• Nama hispidum blooming, too cold/early for bees? (widespread Nama at field station, will collect bees from it in April)
• Honeybees on tiny and short yellow flower under Verbena (not much observed on widely blooming Verbena)
• Lots of mayfly hatch along river – some Leptophlebiidae
• Chimmara sp. Caddisfly adults – unicolorous black adults, 8-9mm L.
• Argia sp. emerging w exuvia along river margins in grassy vegetation.
• Several species of caddisflies observed at UV blacklight on the evening of 23 March.

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Larvae of red admirals (not observed) that led to the big observed adult numbers along the river might have been feeding on stinging nettle in uplands.

Posted by scottlonging 29 days ago

Anthophora afibilis was the "Anthophora" observed on stemless primrose along the river.

Posted by scottlonging 29 days ago

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