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April 13, 2021

CA Native Plant Week: Celeb-native

Saturday, April 17th is the start of CA Native Plant Week (April 17-24) and CNPS will be celebrating with events across the State throughout this week with the CARE initiative!

To celebrate, we will be holding two challenges this upcoming week!

1) Native Plant Challenge
Starting now until the end of CA Native Plant Week (April 24), observe as many Native Plants as possible! We will be selecting TWO members with the most CA Native Plant observations and rewarding them with CNPS Fire Follower Pins! Upload observations and identify by April 30 and be a member of the project to win!

2) “Fave” Observation Challenge
Do you have a favorite observation? Tell us about it! Is there a story behind the picture?

This week, we want to share observations with the Fire Followers community. Share your favorite observation with us by linking it in the comments! In your comment, include what burned site you found it in and your experience leading up to snapping a picture! What else did you find? What were the trail conditions? Share your story through your observations!

Feel free to share your observations with more people by linking it to your social media and/or sending it to friends and family to rack up more ‘Faves’. Additionally, explore other observations and if you like the image, Fave it!

Starting now (April 13) through April 24, the member with the most comments and Faves will also receive a Fire Followers Pin!

In Addition, we would love to share your picture and story on our social media pages if you would like.



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April 30, 2021

Fire Poppy Cup

-May Bracket Challenge-

The Fire Poppy Cup is a tournament-style challenge of the top 4 fires from each of the 4 regions in California: Northwest, Big East, Central, and Southwest. The first 2 rounds are consolation rounds--so Regional Round 1 winners play each other in Round 2, and Regional Round 1 losers play each other in a consolation tournament (details below). Elimination rounds will begin in Round 3 of the tournament.

Hot 16: May 3 - 9 Winner: Most species
Quarter-Final: May 10 - 16 Winner: Highest % observations at Research Grade
Semi-Final: May 17 - 23 Winner: Most identifiers+observers+faves
Final: May 24 - May 30 Winner: Most observations

Fire Poppy Cup Tournament Bracket Seed List - 2021
These seeds were ranked based off of the five categories from 4/14/21 which included, observations, species, identifications, identifiers and observers.
Flyer Draft  (2)

Fire Poppy Cup:
As stated before, the Fire Poppy Cup will be single elimination, however, the first two rounds will be consolation rounds and losers will move down to the Whispering Bell Cup to compete for a consolation championship.

Each round is shown below and the Champion will hold bragging rights over other regions! Be sure to support your Burn Zone throughout the competition, but most importantly, show some love to your Region!
-Tournament detail along with dates are shown above-

After the Hot 16 of the Fire Poppy Cup is over, if your Burn Zone is lost, be sure to keep tabs on the consolation bracket as they will continue to compete in the Whispering Bell Cup!
Details of this consolation challenge follow the same rules and structure as the Fire Poppy Cup

Screenshot (29)

Be sure to tune in and show your support throughout the month! Good luck!

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