February 14, 2020

Oak Blight Hits Humboldt.

While Humboldt County is known for its beautiful forests, sudden oak death threatens their wellbeing.


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January 29, 2020

Native Plants: How to re-oak your neighborhood.

California’s native oaks have always evoked the feeling of “home” for me, even though I spent my first quarter-century well east of the Sierra Nevada. From afar, I appreciate the muscular, sculptural beauty of coast live oaks. Up close, I love the multitude of birds and other critters that are drawn to the trees.


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January 15, 2020

What is killing the native oaks of Southern California?

The Goldspotted Oak Borer, or GSOB, is an invasive beetle that is killing native oaks in several areas of Southern California.


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January 06, 2020

Valley oak tree could provide insight into how plants will adapt to climate change.

The valley oak, a tree species native to California, is at the root of a new means of determining an organism’s genetic fitness in the face of climate change.

A UCLA-led study found that under current global warming conditions, trees such as valley oaks are unable to thrive, adapt and proliferate as before. The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America in November.


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January 04, 2020

Plant an oak in 2020: Make a home for insects and animals.

Q: Over the holidays, I was reading about the insect apocalypse. I've decided to include planting an oak tree in my New Year’s resolution list. I read that oak trees provide the most habitat for insects.


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December 21, 2019

‘Tis the Season for Oak Root Fungus to Strike.

Armillaria is a serious forest pathogen common throughout California, having evolved to live where native oaks have grown. It is a long-lived, parasitic fungus that survives off dead root material, eventually killing a susceptible host. It does not affect oaks unless they are already stressed by disease or overly-watered lawns underneath the canopy.


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December 11, 2019

What Oak Trees Mean to the Health of Vineyards.

There’s something iconic about driving through California’s Central Coast and seeing giant oak trees scattered across the landscape. Throughout history, however, not all Californians have appreciated the majesty and value of these trees. During the first half of the 1900s, many oak trees were removed to make way for agriculture and urban development. This, together with poor regeneration, contributed to declining populations of some of California’s 20 native oak species, most notably the valley oak.


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November 28, 2019

The evolution and impact of Santa Cruz Island's Scrub Jay.

While its overall population numbers are just around 2,000, the island scrub jay’s impact on the world around it is enormous. By caching thousands of acorns every year, it has helped to restore Santa Cruz Island’s precious oak woodlands.


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November 25, 2019

One of California’s iconic tree species offers lessons for conservation.

The valley oak is poorly adapted to rising temperatures, UCLA-led study finds.


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November 17, 2019

Tons of acorns? It must be a mast year.

If you have oak trees in your neighborhood, perhaps you’ve noticed that some years the ground is carpeted with their acorns, and some years there are hardly any. Biologists call this pattern, in which all the oak trees for miles around make either lots of acorns or almost none, “masting.”


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