2019 goals!

Hi again everyone.

Well spring is just around the corner and a new season of data collecting will soon be here. So a good time to set personal goals for species you've never seen before yourself, or localities you've never visited in the past.

So tips to remember: right after spring floods is a good time to drop by shallow bends in small to medium rivers and creeks to scour shores and sandbars where shells tend to accumulate, especially in the clumps of shoreline vegetation of sharp bends. Best time for this sort of search is around mid May, before that same vegetation starts to green up and thus conceal what you're looking for.

Next opportunity is low water levels in those same sized water courses to scour the shallows. This is optimally done after about ten days of low-or-no precipitations or more, so the waters turn clear enough to see through a foot or two of depth. For the larger rivers low water periods tend to be optimum only later around mid July to ...more ↓

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Up-to-date freshwater mussel census and species-specific range mapping of unionids in Canada. Initiated 2017.
Link to our identification guide "Canaiad's Freshwater Mussels of Canada":

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