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Two issues have come up in our review of vascular plant records in iNaturalist and with a small amount of extra effort for some observations you can help us better track the occurrence of rare species in Ontario.

Some plants (and other groups) are difficult or impossible to identify unless key identification features are clearly visible in the photo(s) provided. When documenting difficult to identify plants (e.g. many sedges, grasses, rushes, aquatics), please take multiple photos including photos of critical identification characters. Provide notes on identification features observed but not documented in the photos (e.g. fragrance). Include comments on how your identification was made (e.g. what features were used to distinguish the plant from similar species?).

NHIC only tracks presumed natural populations (i.e. not deliberately or accidentally introduced by humans) of species native to Ontario. Some records being submitted to the NHIC iNaturalist project are ...more ↓

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This is the official project of the Natural Heritage Information Centre (NHIC), Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). Observations added here will be considered for incorporation into the provincial record of rare species observations and, if suitable, used to create or update Element Occurrences of provincially rare species using standardized NatureServe Core Heritage ...more ↓

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