June 12, 2019

Who's watching who?

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September 07, 2018

September 25, 2013


This project is all about automatically monitoring wildlife without the need for someone to be there. I think we will limit this to vertebrates. A number of different methods are commonly used.

  • Tracking tunnels, usually a physical box designed to attract a particular species (eg entrance hole sizes or lures), and the target steps on an ink (or other marker) then on to paper, recording their footprints.
  • Chew cards, or wax-tags: impregnated with a lure attractive to the target species. Bite marks confirm the target being present in the area.
  • Deadly traps, obviously only suitable for vermin.
  • Live capture traps.
  • Time-lapse cameras, taking photos at regular intervals, maybe only during set hours. Hoping something passes by.
  • Movement detection cameras. Usually they compare successive photographic frames or are triggered by heat pattern changes. Could use external movement detectors or trip-wires to trigger camera.
  • Insect or reptile shelters, eg 'Weta hotels', attractive structures in which target animals seek shelter.
  • Sound/audio recorders, eg bat detectors.

Anything I've missed?

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