Fifty-five Fabulous Fundy Flower Flies- An intro to the Syrphidae of the Upper Bay of Fundy

In the hopes that this will inspire others to take a closer look at these amazing insects and some of our most important pollinators, here is a guide showcasing an array of some of our magnificent Syrphids. This guide covers about one sixth of the species of Flower Flies (aka Hover Flies) that ...more ↓

Canadian Hilltopper 2
Doros aequalis
Confusing Flower Fly 1
Dasysyrphus intrudens
Boreal Conifer Fly 2
Dasysyrphus laticaudus
Transverse Conifer Fly 1
Dasysyrphus venustus
Common Loopwing Aphideater 1
Lapposyrphus lapponicus
Black-legged Gossamer 1
Megasyrphus laxus
Triangular Lucent 1
Didea alneti
Undivided Lucent 2
Didea fuscipes
Variable Duskyface 1
Melanostoma mellinum
Eastern Calligrapher 1
Toxomerus geminatus
Margined Calligrapher 1
Toxomerus marginatus
Long-nosed Swamp Fly 1
Lejops lineatus
Common Bog Fly 1
Parhelophilus laetus
Black Bog Fly 1
Parhelophilus porcus
Dusky Bog Fly 2
Parhelophilus rex
Narrow-headed Sun Fly 1
Helophilus fasciatus
Yellow-margined Marsh Fly 1
Helophilus lapponicus
Broad-headed Marsh Fly 2
Helophilus latifrons
Obscure Marsh Fly 1
Helophilus obscurus
Long-nosed Pond Fly 1
Sericomyia bifasciata
Oblique-banded Pond Fly 1
Sericomyia chrysotoxoides
White-spotted Pond Fly 1
Sericomyia lata
Narrow-banded Pond Fly 1
Sericomyia militaris
Yellow-spotted Pond Fly 2
Sericomyia transversa
Orange-spotted Drone Fly 3
Eristalis anthophorina
European Drone Fly 1
Eristalis arbustorum
Bog-dwelling Drone Fly 1
Eristalis cryptarum
Black-shouldered Drone Fly 4
Eristalis dimidiata
Orange-legged Drone Fly 1
Eristalis flavipes
Orange-spined Drone Fly 1
Eristalis interrupta
Dusky Drone Fly 1
Eristalis obscura
Drone Fly 1
Eristalis tenax
Yellow-banded Forest Fly 1
Chalcosyrphus anthreas
Yellow-haltered Forest Fly 1
Chalcosyrphus curvaria
Orange-hipped Forest Fly 1
Chalcosyrphus vecors
Bare-cheeked Bumblefly 2
Criorhina nigriventris
Bald-faced Hornet Fly 1
Spilomyia fusca
Four-lined Hornet Fly 1
Spilomyia sayi
Wasp-like Falsehorn 1
Temnostoma alternans
Black-spotted Falsehorn 1
Temnostoma excentrica
Thick-legged Hoverfly 1
Syritta pipiens
American Heineken Fly 1
Rhingia nasica

Edited by Denis Doucet, John Klymko, and Stuart Tingley, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

Photo Credits

  • 1. (c) Denis Doucet, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC), uploaded by Denis Doucet
  • 2. (c) Stuart Tingley, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC), uploaded by Stuart Tingley
  • 3. (c) Jimmy Dee, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA), uploaded by Jimmy Dee
  • 4. (c) Gilles Gonthier, some rights reserved (CC BY)