March 13, 2019

Life beside the lake

During 2018, my wife and I built a small house alongside Wentzell Lake on a property that was properly part of the original land grant that included our 150 acre farm.

The property is largely a mature Acadian Forest with most of the common tree species although it is more than 50% mature Red Spruce.

And living beside a lake that is part of an extensive river network (LaHave River) is a completely different experience to our farm. Many different birds, reptiles (massive turtles!) fish and aquatic plants.

I am recording my new findings in my Project 'Lakehouse'.

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August 20, 2017

Birds @Meadowood

Many different bird calls over the last two weeks. And there seems to be more groups of birds. They're getting ready to migrate?

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August 10, 2017

Robin's Nest

A Robin moved into an old nest beside out bedroom window in a Elderberry Bush. The first egg appeared around Aug 2 with one more on Aug 4. We put a blind over our window so momma wouldn't fly off every time we went up/down the stairs.

It seems a bit late ... will they make it???

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On the Monarch trail

Jen, Stella and I paddled up the Lahave River last night about 7pm -- sunny, light breeze abou 20C -- and spotted two Monarch Butterflies on the Milkweed Flowers. Tried to photograph but I wasn't quick enough to get one. Will try again.

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July 21, 2017

Exploring Lahave River/Wentzell Lake

Jen, Stella and I paddled in our canoe up the Lahave River north of Wentzell Lake. Lots of Pickerel Weed, Lilly Pads and Water Lillies plus so many birds. Came within 20 feet of a muskrat swimming across the river carrying Pickerel Weed ... to its babies?

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