January 12, 2017

Stuck inside!

I have been stuck inside the past couple of day due to the snow storm, my street even turned to ice the last day. But damn it's good to be back outside! Here's a couple observations before the snow melted.

Happy trails!

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December 25, 2016

Filling the digital void, with physical organisms.

I like computers, and certain technologies that allow us to use Geographic Information Systems for research, and analysis of urban, suburban, and rural areas that are natural areas where I can explore pockets of land that have not been thoroughly surveyed, or even a nice walkthrough for recording where people typically do not go. Filling in the gaps between local, state, and national parks, wildlife refuges, hunting grounds, and wildlife preserves is important to me. If we do not fill in these gaps with a good record of what is there and what will be lost due to land development, then natural land will keep becoming mowed down

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A little spiel, that may turn into something in the future.

As a user of iNaturalist I believe you may hold a position of power when it comes to local patches of wild land, which is very important for biodiversity, habitat for all organisms, and the survival of humans. I say the survival of humans because I do not believe we are a threat to the earth and nature at all. I do not fall for the act of saving endangered species either. Every single day, regardless of what humans do, whether good or bad, 25 species will go extinct. We did not kill them all off, but they just disappeared, for this is what nature does. Nature is a self healing organism, a perfect system of existence if you will. Every species is important yes, and they all do serve a purpose, but saving endangered species is just one more arrogant attempt for humans to control nature, which can not be done. If a bunch of random species go extinct, ecological chains of existence will be effected, but not destroyed, so the magic word here is "altered." What humans need to be doing is not thinking about the earth's biodiversity for saving the planet, no no no, what we need to be thinking of is saving ourselves! The earth is fine! The people are not! You have to be realistic here, every mass extinction has ended a golden empire, and throughout human history, every golden empire has come to an end. From the Gupta Empire of India, the Pax Romana of ancient Rome, the global prosperity of the United States after WWI and WWII, and eventually the self important species known as Homo sapiens sapiens, all shall end at the hand of their enemy, and we shall fall from nature, but nature is not our enemy, it is our beginning and it is our end, and how we treat it will be the telling of our future.

I will continue this later.

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