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Hi, I'm currently a biology & ecology student in Limoges (France), transgender.
I'm learning arachnology on the side, essentially focused on harvestmen (Opiliones) and I enjoy learning about short-range endemism in invertebrates.
I'm mostly interested in Dyspnoi as a whole but also fond of Phalangiinae and my favorite genus, Dicranopalpus (Phalangiidae).

You can tag me in any observation of Opiliones you want. For now, almost all of my IDs concern Europe and North America. For the latter, I may not be able to help much regarding Laniatores and the eastern Leiobunines beyond family/subfamily. I have also started looking into the Japanese and African opiliofauna.
A part of my IDs revolves around correcting erroneous data especially for the European species outside of their native range.

You're free to use my photos in publications, for sci-comm. and other content. If you do and/or need some info, please let me know.

I will respond in French or English but you can talk to me in French/English/Spanish

You can find me on Twitter

Helpful tips to make identification of harvestmen easier, if you're observing live specimens :

Try to include the following in your observations as often as you can :

  • A dorsal view showing the saddle and other markings, most useful for Eupnoan harvestmen. Some structures like the trident in Oligolophinae are also easier to see this way.
  • A side view will reveal the armature on several body parts (prosoma, opisthosoma, ocularium, pedipalps)
  • A front view isn't always necessary but recommended especially for Phalangiines to better visualize the palps' morphology.

Useful resources :

Online galleries and databases (incomplete) :

Shortcuts to my observations :

My tags :

  • My iNaturalist Firsts : First observations of a species on iNaturalist from me
  • Personal Favorites : Observations of mine that highlight a certain organism, behavior, life stage, etc. or that I just particularly like ; I use the "Favorites" tab separately for other people's observations
  • Photographic References for Opiliones : All harvestmen observations of mine I deem useful for ID purposes, if needed
  • Personal Collection : Specimens that I've sampled
  • ID Pending : Just an easier way for me to keep track of samples I have yet to ID

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