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"Perhaps no other group of vertebrates, except possibly the fishes, has been as neglected osteologically as have the birds."
-Stanley John Olsen

Working out bird osteology.
Bird Skull and Pelvis vs Mammal Skull and Pelvis
Differentiating Accipitriformes Skulls (Simplified, USA)
Peacock, Chicken, and Duck Pelvis Comparison (Essentially how to differentiate landfowl vs waterfowl pelvises)
Anatidae Sternum ID guide
Cormorant Pelvis

If you have questions about my IDs, if I IDed something wrong, or if you think I missed your notification (I don't think I've been getting any notifications when tagged in observation descriptions), feel free to @ me

I sometimes post a few observations from Geronimo. I just post his observations on occasion, as tagged, all IDs and posts are me.

Prolife pic is skull and crossed tibiotarsuses of a domestic muscovy duck

So I don't inundate iNaturalist with too many bird bone journal posts, I've now created a blogspot: Avian Osteology. If you're curious for a comprehensive list of bird bone IDing resources, that is the best that I know of.

(below link massive reference list for bird bones. for personal ease of access, but if anyone is curious feel free to use it)
Bird Osteology Quick Links

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