Rob Routledge

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2020 VASCULAR PLANTS requiring confirmation or ID, if possible
2020 MOSSES^ requiring confirmation or ID, if possible
2020 LIVERWORTS^ requiring confirmation or ID, if possible
all MAMMAL sightings (mostly tracks and signs)
^I may not get to IDing some of the more challenging mosses and liverworts collected until I have time available late in the year (via compound scope and FNA keys)

🍁 iNaturalist IMAGE Use: (if that doesn't work, contact me.) Also check out:

🍁 HELP with some lichen confirmations or IDs, if possible
Ontario LICHENS requiring ID
Michigan LICHENS requiring ID

🍁 My plant observations in the Algoma District in 2020

🍁 My Research Grade plant observations in 2020


🍁 Some resources that I use frequently
🌱Michigan Flora Online (includes ferns and their allies) - keys
🌱"Field Manual of Michigan Flora - 2012"
🌱"Sedges and Rushes of Minnesota - 2018"
🌱"Sedges of Maine - 2013"
🌱GO BOTANY online (NE USA flora) -
🌱 great images of key ID features of graminoids, etc. and descrips of similar species
🌱line drawings - "Illustrated Companion to Gleason and Cronquist's Manual"
🌱"Macroscopic identification key of 36 Sphagnum species in eastern Canada" open access

🍁 Other resources that may be helpful:
🌱woody plants and sedges -
🌱RANGE MAPS (based on herbarium records)

USA - state and county breakdown OR Google search "Bonap" and "Genus for species of interest"... you'll get maps for each species within the genus (e.g., Sparganium

CANADA - provincial / territory only which isn't very helpful ( but you can search for mapped herbarium records to give you a better idea of a species distribution (

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