Will Kuhn

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Entomologist, aspiring naturalist, director of science and research at Discover Life in America

I love posting the insects, plants and other organisms that I find around my home in Knoxville, in the Smokies, and beyond, and learning to identify new flora and fauna through iNat!

At DLiA, we work to document the diversity of life in Great Smoky Mountains National Park through the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI). Here's how to get involved. You can help by identifying insect observations on iNat and specimens from the GSMNP natural history collection (our current priorities). Please feel free to message or email me (will@dlia.org).

Unless otherwise noted, any specimen I collect within GSMNP is collected under permitted study number GRSM-00069. Do not collect insects or other material from national parks or other restricted areas without a valid research permit!

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