City Nature Challenge 2019: Calgary

Hello iNaturalists!

My name is Matt and I am organizing the City Nature Challenge 2019 event for Calgary. The event is a global competition with over 140 cities worldwide competing to document as much urban nature as possible. This year the event will run from April 26 - April 29. The competition is a friendly event put on by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. I am currently reaching out to nature enthusiasts in hopes that we can organize a few events over the course of the competition week.

The competition has three categories for cities to compete: 1) the most field observations made during the competition, the most diverse account of species, and the most participants. This year we will be using the iNaturalist app to record our observations because of its accessibility for people to participate.
There are two parts to the competition: 5 days of observations and 5 more days to identify everything posted.

My intention for the event is simply to foster stewardship among citizens for urban nature and this event seems like an ideal opportunity to promote that.

The events I hope to organize would essentially be a series Bioblitz events throughout the city with each nature group responsible for an activity to help engage citizens. These might include birding groups, botanical walks, fishing tours, outdoor meetups, or even photography courses.

Many of you are active users of iNaturalist or eBird in Calgary so I thought I would reach out to you first (. If you think you would be interested in helping me to promote, organize or simply just participate, please feel free to contact me.

You can learn more about the competition here below:

Competition information:
Project page:


Matt Wallace
BSc Geography Honours


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