GSB 2022 - Next Steps

Firstly - a huge thank you to everyone that took part in the Great Southern BioBlitz 2022 - it was a fun four days (mostly 😉)!

You now have 14 days to upload all of your photos, but please aim to be done by the 8th of November so that there is still time for identifications to be done.

  • You can add as many photographs of an observation as necessary for accurate IDing (e.g. whole bush, a branch, a flower, back of a flower).
  • Do not add photographs of different things in an observation - just one subject per observation.
  • Keep checking your observations regularly to ensure that all your finds are identified. If someone has made a suggestion click AGREE if you agree (you do not have to if you disagree). This step is extremely important as we need ALL observations to reach RESEARCH grade in order to be useful for scientists around the world.
  • Help with identifying other people's observations where you can (you might only feel comfortable IDing one or two things - search for them and add your ID suggestion).

A huge THANK YOU to the organisers of each event and those who motivated folk to join in ... we could not have done it without you!

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