Last few steps ...

PLEASE - check on your observations every day or two!

The goal is to get every observation to Research Grade. This status is achieved when a 'Verifiable Observation' has been reviewed and the community is in agreement on the ID. The observation will now be shared with the ALA and other iNat partners. For the observation to be Research Grade, there must be a 2/3 consensus on the identification of the species.

I find this easiest on my phone (but it is also very easy on your computer).
On your phone click the 3 grey lines top left.
Click on ACTIVITY (it will show you in green any new activities).
My Content will show - with new activities in green. Click on each one. If someone has given the same ID as you - yay! Research Grade! If someone has suggested an alternative ID you can choose (a) ignore it if you think they're wrong ... wait for more people to add their suggestions or (b) click agree. Once 2/3 of the given IDs are the same, your observation will reach Research Grade.

If you are knowledgeable about any of the flora or fauna, please go to our project and check if you can add your IDs to help this process.

Nearly there ... 14th is the last day for uploading and IDing.

Posted on November 10, 2022 01:22 PM by sandyi sandyi


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