South Section - the sequel - 11/12/2022

Saturday: 2:07 PM - 4:33 PM. 1 Live newt rescued while hundreds of tiny juvenile newts met their maker.
Weather: 55° F Sunny, feels like 52°F
Coverage: Soda Springs Rd to stop sign that marks the boundary of North and South Section
I walked with Lauren who is a volunteer I know from WCSV.
Newts: We had 157 dead newts, 35 Adults, 122 Juveniles (teeny-tiny)

Traffic: 34 cars. 10 bikes, 5 motorbikes, 0 pedestrians, 0 parked cars
My observations of the day:

There were a lot of tiny dead juvenile newts at the point where we started. Ironically, since our eyes still hadn't got used to how tiny they were, we ended up actually observing almost all of them on the way back, since the sun was to our back. We ended up also spotting a juvenile trying to cross the road on the way back, who we promptly rescued and put on the other side.

One elderly woman stopped her car and asked us if we are the newt patrol, to which I nodded. Then she started reminiscing how they used to see the streets filled with them when she was growing up. They would also come to her backyard pool, so when she would invite her friends over to the pool, each one had to release one newt back in the wild before they could jump in the water. She called those "newt parties".

Posted on November 13, 2022 11:04 PM by karangattu karangattu


Oh, what a precious video! The juveniles are so very tiny and fragile and there are so many of them this year. I also remember the video you took of a newt walking so slowly while dozens of cars zipped by in the background. That was so poignant - it will remain in my memory forever.
Also, thanks for sharing the story of the elderly woman's newt parties. That's very cool! I wish the powers-that-be would create some "swimming holes" for the newts on Sierra Azul property so they wouldn't have to go to the reservoir to breed.

Posted by truthseqr 4 months ago (Flag)

Newt parties! Love it. Thank you so much for saving me - we weren't able to finish the survey on Friday. We spend 5 hours on the road, and still had a third of the road to go.

Posted by merav 4 months ago (Flag)

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