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September 24, 2020

High winds forecast for Saturday

Stay safe when out and about on Saturday especially in woodland and forested areas on western side of ridges. It may be a good idea to hold off visiting some areas until Sunday when winds subside.

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Let the observations begin!

At midnight tonight citizen scientists can start uploading their observations for the Great Southern Bioblitz project.

Let's showcase Lake Mac's amazing natural environment to the 147 areas and 12 countries participating. We look forward to seeing , and confirming, your IDs of all living things (plants and critters) both terrestrial and marine, diurnal and nocturnal.

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local orchid guide - Orchids of Green Point Foreshore Reserve

There are many orchid species in flower for the Bioblitz.
If you observe and upload any orchids - ensure you take photos from a few different angles to capture the key features.
Scroll down the link to brochures and you can download the Guide

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September 16, 2020

Time is ticking - get your cameras and phones charged up

Calling all citizen scientists, photographers and nature appreciators: it is <9 days until the Great Southern Bioblitz.
Now you have joined iNaturalist don't forget to upload your observations across Lake Mac City from 25-28 September.
This is a fantastic, free and COVID safe activity you can do by yourself or with family and friends.
Maybe a little friendly competition to see who can find the most species?
Encourage others to join iNaturalist and record their observations.
Not sure what you have found? Not a problem, other iNaturalist members will assist with IDs.
Over 70 cities, across 3 continents have signed up to participate so let's use this project to showcase our stunning area!

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September 27, 2020

Day 3 across Lake Mac City

Fantastic work so far everyone - I hope you are all increasing your knowledge through this project- I know I am!
What a wonderful opportunity to feature some of our amazing species - today a couple of us went to Swansea Heads at low tide to see what we could observe and record so I'm sure you will see these added in next 24 hrs.
At 5pm Sunday we have had 126 research grade observations of 96 species by 13 observers and we still have another 30 hours to build our combined portfolio.
I may even try a moth session Monday night to wrap up :)
bright torch, camera and white sheet (Check)
Enjoy everyone- remember you can always add a comment to an ID just to say you like it!

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September 28, 2020

Day 4 wraps up the inaugural Great Southern Bioblitz

Glorious weather today and a wonderful opportunity to grab a few more observations for the project.
The number of observers across Lake Mac City is increasing, as is the species list.
What a marvelous area we live in!

Tip: the artificial intelligence that provides a suggested identification doesn't always make the correct species call - I originally had an initial ID of an elephant snail (inter-tidal mollusc) that was endemic in New Zealand, rather than the Australian species... so check the species has been observed in NSW or at a minimum Australia. I hope you have used the opportunity to build your knowledge of local species.

I'd love to hear your comments of the experience and whether you would continue to add to iNaturalist and also participate again in the future

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Camera and phones down - time to upload

Hi Everyone , in case you were not aware, there is a window to continue uploading your observations taken during the Great Southern Bioblitz timeframe. If you could complete by the coming weekend, it will give identifiers time to view and confirm observations before the final results. We look forward to seeing what species are added.
At this stage the western side of Lake Mac City looks as though it was not visited and there are so many great vegetation communities there - hopefully next year.

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