November 05, 2019

Adding Observations

The Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre (SKCDC) would like to invite you to make your observations recognizable to our project so that we may see their locations. We track Saskatchewan’s rare and at risk species and your observations will be added to a provincial dataset where they will be used for informing conservation ranks of species, modelling distribution and in managing development on the landscape.

If you already have observations added to iNaturalist then follow these few simple steps so we can have access to the species locations by changing the project settings to “Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre”. Go to the top navigation bar, under Your Profile in the top right hand corner (circular image of your profile picture) click on “Edit Observations” and under “Your observations” click “Batch Edit”. Click select all, then go to “Add to Project” and press add “Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre “and follow the steps as prompted. This only edits observations by page, so change “per page” at the bottom left hand corner to the highest number in order to select all of your observations.

If you are adding new observations to iNaturalist and want to give SKCDC access to those locations, please read the following instructions. From your home page, along the right hand corner click on “Add Observations”. Once you have added your photos/sounds, in the details section under “projects” type in "Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre". If adding multiple observations at a time, click “Select All” before adding the project to include them all at once.

We invite you to add any of your observations to our project and thank you for helping contribute to species and habitat conservation in the province. We are committed to respecting your privacy and conserving the biodiversity of Saskatchewan. Please spread the word to others you may know about sharing species observations with the SKCDC!

Brianne Blenkin (@bblenki2) on behalf of the SKCDC

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July 06, 2019

Saskatchewan Parks BioBlitz 2019

A number of Saskatchewan Parks are hosting BioBlitzes from July 7th to July 13th. To learn more, check out their project page:

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