April 17, 2022

Upcoming launch!

Our new Wildlife on Roads website will be ready in May 2022. Stay tuned, we will be linking iNaturalist to the site so there will be real-time live updates of what animals are moving across roads, so local citizens are aware, and help animals cross roads and can collect accurate data!



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May 18, 2020

Wildlife on Roads data collection video

This video provides an overview of the Wildlife on Roads Handbook. Please watch this 15 minute youtube video and happy data collections for 2020!


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August 06, 2019

November 10, 2018

Wildlife on Roads - A Hanbook

Hi Members,

Thank-you for contributing to the Wildlife on Road inaturalist project.

Updates on the book. We travelled to Toronto, Kamloops, Massachusetts, and the Netherlands to road conferences with the book and received invaluable feedback. We have now integrated all the feedback and are onto our second edition already. We want to be happy with it before the 'official launch'. It has now gone to graphic design and we found an affordable printer so that we can distribute and sell the book at an affordable price for the citizen science market!

We hope to launch soon in early 2019!

Kari on behalf of the Wildlife on Roads team.

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