Taxonomic Swap 130930 (Committed on 09-30-2023)

Added by ctmdb on October 01, 2023 02:32 AM | Committed by ctmdb on September 30, 2023
replaced with


@ctmdb On what information is this synonymisation based? Where is it published?

Posted by bernhardhausdorf 2 months ago

@bernhardhausdorf Yen (1939), as far as I know, Chen & Gao (1987) and Kuroda (1958) continue to use this

Posted by ctmdb 2 months ago

@bernhardhausdorf It seems MB have made references to Yen (1939) but I don't know why not accept it.

Posted by ctmdb 2 months ago

Please provide more information about this taxon swap. If I understand correctly, you say that it is supported by Molluscabase, but when I look in Molluscabase, I see BOTH taxa treated as valid. Please explain your action.

Posted by snailtim 2 months ago

@snailtim MB definitely references to Yen (1939),
Though the Opeas striatissimum is "incorrect subsequent spelling" but indeed the same species,
For some reason, it seems MB no supported??

Posted by ctmdb 2 months ago

@snailtim if you could email to Barna get reasonable interpretation, it's great, because not explicitly stated in MB

Posted by ctmdb 2 months ago

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