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January 07, 2020

Helpful links

For some reason I always lose my way to this link for common comments to help with identifications:

A thread where naturalists comment on what photo characteristics are helpful for each organism:

How to photograph tracks

How to link different observations of the same organism - I am thinking to track growth in my garden with this.

To find your Maverick identification
To find comments that tag you:

To search your identifications:
This thread was to help me with my Aster problem

They linked to this page where it seems I can search my identifications by putting in a taxon or
place. not sure how they found it exactly.

There is a page that talks more about creating a search URL

This looks like it might be a helpful way to find conflicting IDs that I have made if I can figure it out.!/Identifications/get_identifications

To find conflicting IDs there is a thread that breaks it down by category

The link to find conflicting "Life" is here,47126,47170,47686,48222,67333,131236,151817

Person to message with observation of the day

Neat code to see how misidentified organisms are classified incorrectly. Correct ID on the left, mistaken ID on the right

The MOST AWESOME SCRIPT IN THE HISTORY OF iNat! Find your observations of the least observed organisms.

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Bittersweet guide

American vs Oriental Bittersweet
American - orange capsules in terminal panicles, one seed in fruit, uellow pollen on flowers, involute (scrolled) leaves when unfurling
Oriental - yellow capsules located along length of stem (axillary cymes), 5 or more seeds per fruit, pollen white, conduplicate (folded in half) leaves when unfurling

A different American Bittersweet guide
This states 1-2 seeds per section of fruit. Pictures comparing male and female flowers

A different oriental Bittersweet guide says 3-6 seeds per fruit (2 per valve)

Good example of American Bittersweet in bloom

Interesting article on the introduction of Oriental bittersweet and hybrids

Another article on hybrids - needs a library login to read

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Monocots vs Dicots


Embryo with single cotyledon (seed leaf)

Pollen with single furrow or pore

Petals, stamens, or other flower parts in multiples of three

Major leaf veins parallel

Stem vacular bundles scattered

Roots are adventitious

Secondary growth (wood and bark) absent

Embryo with two cotyledons
Pollen with three furrows or pores
Flower parts in multiples of four or five
Major leaf veins reticulated
Stem vascular bundles in a ring
Roots develop from radicle

Secondary growth often present

Site with pictures

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