January 2022

Our Monthly Challenge continues with another splendid effort, in the last month we all contributed a massive effort. The numbers will only go up as people may upload observations in the next few weeks. As of writing, we have contributed
Observations 8,617 (8532 in Australia alone)
Species 2,565
Identifiers 647
Observers 67 (26 with more than 50 observations at the time of writing)

Where have our observations been made?

throughout 2021 our group of 98 observers have contributed an amazing number of observations! together we have contributed over 104,00 observations of 9,719 species. With 20 users contributing over 1000 observations, with the most observed organism being the Australian Magpie.

For the latest stats check out the January Challenge-Updated Stats

The 64 Australian observers contributing this month was the same as the previous month. Together our observations accounted for around 7.8 % of all observations within Australia over the month of January (at time of writing). While the 64 observers constituted only around 0.991% of all Australian iNaturalists observers active during the month.
In an amazing trend, January was the sixth time Australian iNaturalist observations exceeded 100,000 for a month, this has been a consistent pattern since September 2021 when for the second time, observations exceeded 100, 000.

The most observed species January 2022, was the Blue Tiger Tirumala hamata, like this one below which was observed by @donnamareetomkinson in Cooloola QLD

The most observed species is the

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February Challenge-Updated Stats

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New find at Ellura Sanctuary

Brett Smith AKA @ellurasanctuary found an unusual bee the other day at Ellura Sanctuary, near Swan Reach Conservation Park, South Australia.
[Edit: Tobias has id'ed this as Leioproctus sp & we called it a Brown-mullet Bee 🙂 ]
It was ~12mm long. It looked similar to a European Honey Bee to the naked eye, but something was different about it. So caught it, photographed it & released it.

Check out the observation here

Brett tried using the free key, "The Australian Bee Genera. An Annotated, User-Friendly Key" by Tobias J. Smith

Not being confident he got the correct genus, Brett would appreciate a better id or confirmation, if possible.

  1. It's got 12 antennal segments, so a female
  2. Couplet 1: It's definitely got scopa
  3. Couplet 2: Primarily it's got scopa on the hind legs
  4. Couplet 3: I get a bit unstuck here. But going down couplet 4 leads to Ceratina sp, which is clearly wrong. So go with Scopa on Hind Femur.
  5. Couplet 5: Basal vein is weakly curved.
  6. Go to page 48, Colletinae
  7. Colletinae, Couplet 1: Hind Basitibial Plate is ill-defined or hidden
  8. Colletinae, Couplet 7: Unfortunately I didn't see the labrum, but the inner hind tibial spur is almost palmate. The mandibles are clearly bidentate and has some (white/silvery?) bands on the metasoma.
    So Trichocolletes. However, it seems these generally have a glabrous metasoma (abdomen), not hairy like here. And the mullet on the pronotum (back) is something from the '70's! 😉
    Any help would be much appreciated.

It must be a good month for bees as this Amegilla flava

while I managed to see a wide variety of new species on a hikeSturt Gorge Conservation park including this Common Wasp-mimic Bee Hyleoides concinna below you can read about it here

City Nature Challenge

At the end of April 2021 the City Nature Challenge will be held across the globe in South Australia will you join the challenge

During the 4-day challenge, if you are anywhere in the Greater Adelaide region, snap a photo of any wild plant or animal and upload it to iNaturalist platform, making sure to include the location.
sCity Nature Challenge Greater Adelaide website

Great Southern BioBlitz 2022

The 'Great Southern BioBlitz', or 'GSB' for short, is an international period of intense biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species within several designated areas across the Southern Hemisphere in Spring.
Check out the review blog 'That's it! Thanks Everyone! GSB 2021 Overview' by Peter , and leave a comment if you like it!
For those more grapphicly minded check out the results page 2021 highlights by @larissabrazsousa

Check out the Great Southern BioBlitz 2022 umbrella project .
Check out the Great Southern BioBlitz 2021 umbrella project .
check out last years project here Great Southern Bioblitz Umbrella- 2020

Yellow-striped Flutterer Gehyra dubia © Greg Tasney, some rights reserved (CC-BY-SA) Beaudesert , Queensland, Australia

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