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2018 Ontario Botanists' Big Year Results

Wow, what a year! With 55 project participants, we managed to submit over 20,000 observations of plants in Ontario in 2018. A total of 1,951 species were submitted to the project, consisting of 1,827 vascular plants and 124 bryophytes and others. The 1,827 vascular plant species submitted represent almost two thirds of the approximately 3,000 vascular plant species known from Ontario! The geographic coverage was also impressive: with records being submitted from Pelee Island in the south, James Bay in the north, Lake of the Woods in the west and Hawkesbury in the east, nearly every corner of the province was represented except for the northernmost areas. The best-represented counties by number of species were Halton, Peel, Middlesex, Wellington and Hamilton.

Before getting into the Big Year rankings, I'd like to thank everyone for participating. Please comment on this post if you have any stories or observations about the project. I sincerely hope that everyone had ...more ↓

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Welcome to the Ontario Botanists' Big Year!

This is an opportunity to challenge yourself to identify as many plant species as possible within the province of Ontario in 2018.

The Big Year is expected to be both competitive and collaborative. The winner of the Big Year will be whichever participant observes the most species (and subspecies, varieties, forms, etc) of ...more ↓

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