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Project not aggregating observations

Hi All,

I've noticed that the project does not seem to be automatically aggregating all observations, including my own. I contacted iNat and the problem seems to be that iNaturalist uses the state of Texas as the maximum area which can be used for automatic aggregation (to avoid crippling the servers). The province of Ontario is slightly larger than Texas, so the site will not automatically aggregate observations.

Unfortunately this means that you will have to manually add observations to this project, at least until there is a fix. This can be easily done from your Observations page using the following steps:

1. Run a search of your observations for "Kingdom Plantae"
2. Click "Batch Edit"
3. Click "Select All"
4. Click "Add to Project"
5. Click "Add" next to the Ontario Botanists' Big Year 2018 project

Sorry for the inconvenience. iNat admin says they may have a fix sometime this year.


Posted on March 05, 2018 07:57 PM by wdvanhem wdvanhem | 2 comments | Leave a comment
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Welcome to the Ontario Botanists' Big Year!

This is an opportunity to challenge yourself to identify as many plant species as possible within the province of Ontario in 2018.

The Big Year is expected to be both competitive and collaborative. The winner of the Big Year will be whichever participant observes the most species (and subspecies, varieties, forms, etc) of plants ...more ↓

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