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November 23, 2019

How to know the Texas Arabideae (Genera Draba, Abdra, and Tomostima)

Species of the Tribe Arabideae are among the first flowers to bloom (January--March or early April). Being small and inconspicuous, they are often overlooked (especially Draba reptans). Observations of Texas Arabideae are here. These species have been lumped and split, taxonomically; recently, all were in the genus Draba. The following characteristics vary, so documenting multiple characteristics will confirm the ID. Features to capture include:

  • side view of mature fruits (pods)
  • side view of flowering stem (pedicel) from top to bottom (with hairs in focus)
  • view of leaves

Also, young plants may be challenging or impossible to identify.

👉 Key and illustrated identification guide

*There is also a yellow-flowered species in Jeff Davis county (Trans-Pecos): Draba standleyi

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