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February 04, 2023

Powderhorn WMA Bioblitz: May 19-21

Our observations for the weekend.
Our observations in identify mode (including research grade).
Our observations in identify mode (needs ID only).
List of species observed sorted with least observed first.

Powderhorn Wildlife Management Area is on the coast between Port O'Connor and Indianola. View an iNaturalist map here.

Coordinates of entrance to the WMA: 28.434577644041553, -96.53424007243173

Google Map showing entrance, headquarters, and boundaries (WMA in yellow, State Park area in red). Unless I hear otherwise, we are restricted to the yellow WMA area.

Overnight, primitive camping is available on the WMA. There is electricity, water, ice machine, refrigerator, and bathrooms (but not showers). The gate (see location up at the top of this post) should be unlocked but please be sure to close the gate behind you. The building 1.6 miles down the road from the gate will be our headquarters. There are no shade trees in the vicinity of the headquarters, but the building has a shelter on the backside to provide relief from sun and rain and the building will be open in the event of a storm.

There are some locations near the WMA that folks may be interested in visiting on their way to or from the WMA. The location of Powderhorn and these other points of interest are shown in this map.

TPWD webpage

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February 24, 2023