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July 04, 2022

Rugged flash diffuser

Wanting to reduce the harsh shadows caused by the flash, and needing something rugged to withstand dragging against branches in the field or being blown by wind, I found a solution in my pantry. A vinegar bottle flash diffuser. Pics here:

The template (printable PDF here) was inspired by a design that someone had made (but I can't remember who or where--perhaps here). I experimented with the size of the diffuser, with the goal of being as compact as possible (for field work) while still reducing harsh shadows. The size is small enough to easily fit into my camera bag (and rugged enough to not be damaged by being stuffed into the camera bag).

It requires a step-up ring on the lens to provide a lip to keep it from falling off. It's held on with an elastic pony tail holder. Also, it can be rotated out of the way when not needed or wanted for a particular shot (e.g. when the subject is over a foot or two away).

For lens of different diameters, the template would need to be adjusted to fit using trial and error with paper templates. My lens diameter is just under 2 inches. Note also that I'm using the compact flash that came with the camera. If your flash is one of those really tall ones, the diffuser might need to be taller. I hate bulky equipment for field photography--but I'm also annoyed by the slow recharge time--6 seconds in some cases--of my little compact flash). Everything is a tradeoff.

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