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February 12, 2022

April @ Timberlake

Here are observations from this weekend:
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The main Texas iNaturalist gathering for spring 2022 will be at Indian Creek Ranch in Edwards Co. So those with limited ability to travel should make that a priority.

But for those who can't be there on that date or have the ability to travel more frequently, I'm planning to be at Timberlake Field Station in early April to document the early spring diversity. This is not an "invitation only" event, so if you're reading this and wish to participate, you are welcome to join us.

I'm keeping track of some 2022 events here in my planning post.

*** April @ Timberlake will be April 8th (1 pm Friday) - 10th (2 pm Sunday) ***

The bunkhouse (with electricity and restrooms) is available and has 6 twin beds (respond to reserve a bed--first come first served). There's lots of room to pitch a tent, or car camp, near the restroom and shower facility. NOTE: the bunkhouse is currently full.

Tarleton State University’s Timberlake Field Station is an educational and research facility located on the Colorado River in the heart of Texas--midway between Austin and Abilene. The 790 acre property has over 2 miles of Colorado river frontage and includes bottomland and upland habitats.

Here's the link to detailed info about Timberlake and the bioblitz (including directions):

And here's the link to the Timberlake iNaturalist Project:

Notes to self:
Working list of flowers expected to be in bloom early April (assuming that it rains!) include:

  • Opuntia? Maybe some early bloomers (April-June)
  • Horse crippler cactus? Yes (April)
  • Miniature barrel cactus? No (May-Sept)
  • Lace hedgehog cactus? Maybe (mid April-early May)
  • Little nipple cactus? Yes (March-April)
  • Grooved nipple cactus? Probably not (mid April-July) - not yet documented at Timberlake
  • Christmas cholla? No (late May-July)
  • Missouri foxtail cactus? Yes (April-May) - not yet documented at Timberlake
  • Gaillardia
  • Straggler daisy
  • Texas thistle
  • Blackfoot daisy
  • Engleman daisy (not yet documented at Timberlake)
  • Stiff Greenthread
  • Texas yellowstar
  • False dandelion
  • Four-nerved daisy
  • Common yarrow
  • Carolina woollywhite
  • Camphorweed
  • Barbara's-buttons (not yet documented at Timberlake)
  • Prairie fleabane (not yet documented at Timberlake)
  • Texas ragwort (not yet documented at Timberlake)
  • Tickseed
  • Huisache daisy
  • Lazy daisy
  • Arkansas leastdaisy
  • ...

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