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May 09, 2022

June 4-5: Paluxy River, Stephenville, Erath County mini-bioblitz



Lance, Prairie Oaks Master Naturalist, will host a 2nd event at his homesite property just north of Stephenville on the North Paluxy River (overnight tent or car camping).

Here's the post for the 1st event held at his place last July (with links to the 433 species that 5 people documented in one afternoon/evening).

Lance's property is about 30 acres on the headwaters of the South Paluxy River and includes both limestone upland and heavily wooded bottomland areas along the river (which, at this location, is a small, but deep, channel). Lance has been allowing the land to restore itself from it's former state for the past 20 years, and it's looking pretty spectacular.

The turnoff onto the gravel road from the highway isn't well marked and is easy to drive past (best to let your GPS map assistant tell you when to turn). Down the gravel road a bit, the gate to the property is recognizable by being constructed of black pipe--first gate on the right just after making a hard (right-angle) left turn. The narrow driveway winds downhill through the property to the rock house. Find a place to park in the mowed grass near the house or barn (Google map pinpointing house).

Here are photographs, one looking down on the house from the log cabin (taken in 2021) and others taken end of May this year.

There will be electricity for lights, but you should bring extension cords if you have your own light setup.

Folks can start arriving anytime around noon-ish Saturday and stay until around noon-ish Sunday.

Just tagging some usual suspects--focusing on folks in the general area (but not intentionally omitting anyone!)
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May 28, 2022

View specific life stages of a taxon

I added this to the list of iNat tips & tricks on my profile page.

Larvae: Go to the observations of the species of interest and paste this code at the end of the URL: &term_id=1&term_value_id=6.

Monarch larvae for example:

Pupae: &term_id=1&term_value_id=4

Eggs: &term_id=1&term_value_id=7

You can get these sorts of URL add-ons by going to the Identify modal first and filtering for the parameters of interest.

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