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February 02, 2018

Planning for next season

Hello fellow mussel enthusiasts,

Well 2018 is well under way and before you know it spring will be here, along with the beginning of the freshwater mussel hunt. This winter down-time is a good time to do a bit of research and planning to see where you could possibly go this summer to find new localities to explore. A quick look at our communal map will give you an idea of where the gaps are - and there are many - and if those areas coincide with a planned trip or vacation in those parts of our big and wide country. Some areas in particular are in bad need of surveys, such as the Maritimes, North-Western Ontario and the West Coast, and mostly the Prairies, from where we have practically no data.
Easiest way to go about your search is through Google earth's Date & Time option tool (top left button with ribbon) you can scroll through to find past photos. Look for those taken during late summer in particular when water levels are at their lowest. This allows you to find river sections with shallow shoals and sandbars, typically good spots for your searches. It also helps you to find where such areas coincide with road access such as bridges and riverside roads. And after that you can then transition to Google Street View to see if you can get an on-site look to check out no parking signs and other road signs or even fencing that might make you looks for more people-friendly sites.
Hope these tips help you in your searches, and don't be shy to contact me if you have any questions whatsoever.

Dr. Phil

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