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June 02, 2018

2018 goals!

Hi fellow musselfolk!

Well the musseling season is well under way and it's time to post some reasonable goals before our Canadian winter returns:

  1. Bring the number of our contributors from 14 to 20. So if you know someone that has any interest in unionids, pass on the word!
  2. As usual, fill some glaring data-less voids on the map, with these areas being priorities: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan for a start, as we have very little from our western states. New-Brunswick is also sorely lacking in data, not to mention Newfoundland. As for provincial-level gaps, our data from North-western Ontario (Lake Superior area) is pretty sparse, as is Eastern Quebec from the Eastern Townships all the way to New Brunswick. And las but not least, anywhere further North, as few biologists that work in northerly outlying areas report their unionid finds, hint hint.
    So if any of you are planning summer vacations in those general areas, don't forget to take pit stops along the way and check out the local creeks, river and lake shores to take a few shell photos (great - and cheap - souvenirs!)

  3. I encourage each and every one of you to search for one or two new species you haven't encountered yet to add to your own personal roster...and Canaiad's!
  4. Bring our total observations number to 750! (spoiler alert: it will be 1000 for 2019...)

That's it.

Happy clamming!

Dr. Phil

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