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April 20, 2022

New year new goals

The Canaiad project is now five years old! How time flies. And like most youngsters it just keeps on growing, and growing...

Now closing in on the 7,000 observations mark, we could possibly reach 8,000 by the end of the year, an impressive number for a fauna that isn't exactly mainstream in the hearts of most amateur naturalists. But freshwater mussels keep attracting the attention of an ever growing number of enthusiastic and prolific fans, be it collecting observations or identifying them. On that note, three identifiers keep standing out well above the rest: @pdsmith , @amr_mn and @sam10turner are just plain relentless and steadfast in their support of our project, always ready and eager to challenge or be challenged by their colleagues!
So again a big thank you gentlemen for your enormous contribution.

Also, our swelling data bank has attracted the attention of some provincial and federal ministries that are keen on integrating it with their own. The NHIC (Rare Species of Ontario) has already done so, and the MFFP of Quebec and DFO (Dept Fisheries and Oceans Canada) are starting to look at ways to follow suit.
A good reminder to keep up the quality of our observations. Quality data is useful data!

Keep filling those distribution gaps, and happy - and safe - clamming,

Dr. Phil

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