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July 24, 2019

Welcome to the "South Australian iNaturalists" collection project

Welcome to the "South Australian iNaturalists" collection project.

This collection project has been created to bring together all the active iNat users from South Australia. As with all collection projects anyone can join, however this project will only collect observations from those users:

Who reside within South Australia (or have in the past)
Have uploaded at least 20 observations in South Australia
Who wish to join the project and have their observations included

Active Local Users
As is typical of online platforms, the number of active users is only a small fraction of the total. Of the 1058 users who have uploaded an observation in South Australia only 140 have uploaded more than 20 observations. Of these, only 89 have been active in the last month and a rough estimate suggests around half of these are visitors to SA.

What's included
As the focus of this project is to create a place for active local SA users, there are no taxa restrictions. All lifeforms are included.
As many organisms cannot be IDed to species from photos alone, observations at both Research Grade and Needs ID are included.
The project will only include observations from members that were recorded in SA

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July 29, 2019

SA iNaturalists - Nature Talk (Aug 2019)

Have any questions about local species or natural areas? Please use the comments sections of this post as a place for general discussion on local species and local natural areas during August 2019

A place to ask questions about local species and places.
Share your knowledge of a local species or experience of local natural areas.
Do not discuss specific location details of vulnerable / endangered species.

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July 31, 2019

SA iNaturalists – Project Update (Aug 2019)

Statewide Stats as of 1st Aug 2019:

Total number of observations in SA: 43,830
Total number of species recorded in SA: 3,863

Project Stats as of 1st Aug 2019:

Project members: 20

Members observations uploaded in July 2019: 1,519 (72.1% of all SA observations uploaded in July)
Members species uploaded in July 2019: 555 (72.5% of all SA species recorded in July)

If there are any other stats you’d like me to include, please request in the comments area below.

iNat Tips / Tricks:

Want to see a page of colourful graphs and charts showing all your observation statistics for a given year? Copy the below URL into your browser and replace “username” with your own user name. When the page loads you may need to click “Generate Your Stats”. This will show statistics of all your 2019 observations.

If you do not wish to receive notifications from this project you can switch them off by following the below steps:

Go to the main project page.
In the top right-hand section of the banner next to “Members” click the icon to show the drop-down list of all members.
Scroll down the list and click “View All Members”.
Find your username and click “View Stats”.
On this page to the right-hand side are your project settings. Deselect the tick box for “Receive updates from this project”
You will now no longer receive notifications or emails regarding news, updates or changes to this project.

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