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January 11, 2022

SA iNaturalists - December 2021 Update

This December saw 7,079 observations covering 1,921 species from a total of 449 observers. There were 93 species receiving their first iNat record in SA. This month there were 84 new observers contributing their first observations in SA. Upon this months observations, 522 identifiers contributed a total of 12,381 identifications.
Uploads for SA at the end of December stand at 278,325 observations of 8,489 species from 3,988 observers with, as of today, 4,553 identifiers providing 508,608 identifications.
The international National Park City Foundation has awarded Adelaide National Park City status, making Adelaide the first in Australia and second in the world.
The iNaturalist 'Year in Review 2021' is available. Check out the 'Most Comments and Faves' section to see some of the most amazing observations uploaded around the world last year. Scroll to the bottom of the Year in Review page and select 'View Your 2021 Stats' to see your own 2021 summary.
Featured Observations from December
A Lomera Case Moth showing itself at Boothby Rocks by @ethanbeaver.
A patterned Neoloricate Chiton at Marino Rocks by @mtank.
A Fairy Moth at Parra Wirra by @anthonypaul.
A Female Darwin's Leaf-cutter Bee at Swan Reach by @ellurasanctuary.
A Flower-feeding March Fly in Belair NP by @mariannebroug.
A Kangaroo Island Western Whipbird in Dudley CP by @darcywhittaker.
(These are taken from observation during the month with at least one 'favourite'. If you see an interesting observation from SA, remember to favourite it, and it might appear here at the end of the month).
Featured Project
The Adelaide Parklands Umbrella Project brings together all the parks surrounding Adelaide into one overarching project currently containing over 5,000 observations. Each park has it's own self-contained collection project. Click through to find your favourite park.
Do you have a particular expertise and are keen to help out with identifications in SA? Select your favourite taxa below to head to the Identify page:
Aves / Amphibia / Reptilia / Mammalia / Ray-Finned Fishes / Mollusca / Arachnida / Insecta / Plantae / Fungi / Protozoa / Unknowns
Top observers & species observed in December:

(Data used for this post taken on the 10th of January. It excludes any observations and identifications from December that were uploaded after this date)

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