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January 11, 2021

SA iNaturalists - December 2020 Update

This December update wraps up a year that won't soon be forgotten. Wandering through a forest, along a beach, following a creek or just around your neighbourhood, and sharing what you've discovered with the iNat community, is a great way to take a break from it all.

December is often a quieter month for uploads in SA, with the Summer heat beginning to limit some daytime adventuring. In SA this December we recorded 5,532 observations covering 1,559 species from 302 observers. There were 84 species receiving their first iNat record in SA, and 45 new observers contributing their first observations to iNat. Upon those observations, 447 identifiers contributed a total of 9,437 identifications.

Uploads for SA now stand at 163,325 observations of 7,129 species from 2,621 observers, with 3,176 identifiers providing 299,576 identifications.

If you're interested in summary stats for 2020, check out the full iNat summary for 2020 and the summary stats for Australia. The 'Most Comments and Faves' sections have some truly spectacular photos.

Personal Year in Review pages can also be created by pasting the following URL into your browser, and adding your username in place of "username". If you have not generated this page before, you will need to click "Generate Stats". If you have created it before, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Regenerate Stats" to ensure the page is up to date.

Personal Year in Review Page URL: "". Feel free to share your Year in Review page in the comments section below.

Top contributors & species observed in December:

(Data used for this post taken on the 11th of January. It excludes any observations from December that were uploaded after this date)

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