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August 10, 2022

SA iNaturalists - July 2022 Update

This July saw 8,386 observations covering 1,759 species from a total of 454 observers. There were 89 species receiving their first iNat record in SA. This month saw 92 new observers contributing their first observations in SA. Upon this months observations, 457 identifiers contributed a total of 14,274 identifications.

During July there were an average of 45 observers each day, peaking at 78 observers on Saturday July 23rd. The highest daily observations were also on Saturday 23rd with 551 records.

Uploads for SA at the end of June stand at 348,212 observations of 9,253 species from 4,964 observers with, as of today, 5,413 identifiers providing 637,303 identifications.

Featured Observations from July
A Baker's Teyloides on KI by @rhytiphora.
A Lightning Volute at Second Valley by @fionaoutdoors.
A Grey-fronted Honeyeater in the Gammon Ranges by @angelinbotanico.
An Ornate Cowfish at Port Victoria by @davemmdave.
A Velvet Worm (Mantonipatus persiculus) in Carey Gully by @dabugboi.
A Bolam's Mouse by @jbilby.
(These are taken from observation during the month with at least one 'favourite'. If you see an interesting observation from SA, remember to favourite it, and it might appear here at the end of the month).

Do you have a particular expertise and are keen to help out with identifications in SA? Select your favourite taxa below to head to the Identify page:
Aves / Amphibia / Reptilia / Mammalia / Ray-Finned Fishes / Mollusca / Arachnida / Insecta / Plantae / Fungi / Protozoa / Unknowns

Top observers & species observed in July:

(Data used for this post taken on the 9th of August. It excludes any observations and identifications from July that were uploaded after this date)
(This post is also available on the Epistemic Curiosity Blog)

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